A stark Warning to Disqualified Directors acting


It is the most common question from Directors faced with the potential of disqualification – “can I appoint my wife as director and continue to run the company from behind the scenes?”. Whilst the answer has always been NO, a very recent case in Sheffield sets out a valuable reminder.

A disqualified director, Stephen James Armstrong, who continued to act as a computer consultant in the running of his personal service company, Voltaire Electrical Ltd, has been disqualified by the Courts for a further 12 years.

Furthermore, Mr Armstrong’s wife, Alexandra Armstrong, who was the appointed director and who assisted him in breaching his disqualification, has also been disqualified for 8 years.

The Insolvency Service have commented: “Directors who ignore disqualification orders made against them, and those who provide cover for them to continue to run limited companies, will be vigorously pursued by the Insolvency Service. The lengths of the Disqualification Orders in this case send a clear message as to the serious view taken by the Court of such corporate impropriety”.

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