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Representing commercial clients in the effective running of businesses From contracts and terms, to compliant processes, we work tirelessly to pro-actively support our commercial clients across every aspect of their businesses.
  • Employment contracts, Director service agreements,
  • Shareholders’ agreements
  • Appointing or removing Directors or Partners
  • Terms & Conditions
  • Making decisions & passing resolutions
  • Commercial agreements & supply agreements
  • Share issue or investment
  • Company & business sales

Once a business is established, it must be properly managed in order to avoid incurring director criticism or, in the shorter term, any liability to third parties (including shareholder claims).
There are many ways in which we support our commercial clients and the individuals behind those clients. We can advise not only on a company’s compliance with the relevant legal requirements (notably the Companies Act 2006) but also on implementing best practice in the operation of a company across all necessary agreements, contracts and terms, as well as processes around making decisions, passing resolutions, buying and selling businesses, and issuing shares.

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About Us


Business focused

Our values place commercial decisions at the fore. Our clients appreciate us giving straight answers and solutions for their business.

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