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Advice for directors and shareholdersThe rights and obligations upon directors and shareholders are complex and continue to develop on a daily basis as the Courts seek to interpret the Companies Act 2006
  • Disagreements about the management or direction of the company
  • Breach of a Shareholders’ Agreement
  • Excessive director remuneration
  • Director conflict of interest
  • Unfair Prejudice claims and Minority Shareholder protection
  • Misunderstandings about a director or shareholder’s rights or obligations

Our solicitors understand that the roles of director and shareholder are distinct and the entitlements and obligations attaching to each role are therefore quite separate. It is a fact often overlooked as the line between the roles blurs and it can become difficult to understand whether a party is acting or has been wronged in their capacity as a director or as a shareholder.

In the instance of disputes internally, these can easily destroy an otherwise profitable company and specialist advice is often needed to delicately but swiftly resolve disputes before they are allowed to cause irreparable damage to a company. From experience, no party benefits from allowing issues to develop and decisive action is needed at the earliest available opportunity.

Our expertise in this area can support you with legal advice to ensure thorough and speedy resolution of your issues across the spectrum of any conflict, claims or misunderstandings.

“Their level of integrity, professionalism and legal/negotiating skills gives us great comfort that our litigation and recovery work is in very safe hands.” Lorien Resourcing Ltd.

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