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Protecting your Intellectual Property assetsOur solicitors can help identify, protect and enforce your Intellectual Property rights
  • Identifying & protecting your IP
  • Protecting your trade name, brand, “apps” & logo in the UK and Internationally
  • Enforcing your IP rights
  • Enforcement of confidential information and trade secrets
  • Enforcing the unauthorised use of databases & database rights
  • Advising on patents & the protection of inventions
  • Valuing your IP assets in the event of business sale
  • Advising on your competitors’ IP rights to avoid any unintentional infringement

Intellectual Property (IP) rights exist from day one and are often a business’ most valuable asset. Businesses need to be aware of their IP rights to ensure that they protect what they create, maximise their competitive advantage and avoid infringing the IP rights of other people and businesses.
Our specialist IP solicitors represent clients in all aspects of Patent, Trade Mark, Design, Licensing and Copyright matters and disputes. The areas of support you may need are varied, from valuing your IP assets for a business sale, to enforcing trade secrets and our team have the experience to provide the legal support you need for each one. We also have a Legal Guide you can download on the Importance of Intellectual Property: the need to know basics.

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