What can your business be doing now to prepare for the new data protection rules?

UK data protection law will change on 25 May 2018, when the EU General Data Protection Regulation (“GDPR”) comes into force.  Current data protection law is set out in the Data Protection Act 1998 (“DPA”), but the world has changed drastically since the late 1990’s and there have been extensive changes to the ways in which businesses collect, use and share information.  The purpose of the GDPR is to introduce a modern and ‘future proof’ legal framework for data protection law which will apply across Europe.

Many of the concepts contained in the new legislation are similar to those in the DPA.  Therefore, if you are complying properly with the current law, you will have a head start when ensuring compliance with the new regime.  However, there are important new elements to be aware of and some things will need to be done differently.

The Information Commissioner’s Office (“ICO”) have published (and will continue to publish) guidance on compliance with the GDPR.  Click here for the latest information from the ICO:   https://ico.org.uk/for-organisations/data-protection-reform/

Rebecca Gardner, Corporate & Commercial Partner at Howat Avraam Solicitors comments: The changes being introduced under the GDPR are wide reaching and will affect different companies in different ways depending on how they collect, store and process personal data.  The best thing for businesses to be doing at this stage, is for them to start reviewing how they collect and store personal data and for what purposes they use that data.  The GDPR adopts a risk based approach to compliance, so the sooner companies can increase awareness of data protection issues within their workforce and can introduce processes and policies designed to ensure compliance, the better.


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