Can Dads really work flexibly?

Fathers are hesitant to ask their managers for flexible hours as they believe that doing so will have a negative impact on their career prospects.

According to Maria Miller, Chairman of the Women and Equalities inquiry into the treatment of fathers in the workplace, 44% of the surveyed fathers admitted to underplaying family-related responsibilities to ensure their career prospects were not harmed, with only 2.8% of the eligible 285,000 working fathers taking paternity leave under the current system. Speaking at the inquiry, Duncan Fisher, co-founder of The Family Initiative, called for a complete overhaul of the “terrible” parental leave system, suggesting that men and women should receive “equal, paid leave entitlement”.

The Women and Equalities Committee inquiry was launched earlier on this year after research suggested that fathers were increasingly finding it difficult to maintain a work-life balance. The aim of the inquiry is to find out how much support fathers receive at work, while also considering whether an increase in agency, freelance and casual working might improve the treatment of fathers at work.

Niki Avraam, Employment Partner comments: With yet another spotlight being shone on flexible working, this time in relation to men, employers are increasingly being urged to introduce measures that enable both men and women to have flexible working opportunities.


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