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We understand that in some cases, bespoke legal advice and agreements aren’t affordable or feasible. Whilst, ultimately, this is what is required when your company reaches a certain size, it is still better to start with some form of legal agreement in place, to protect you against future legal issues.

Based on best practice following years of drafting legal agreements for company founders, and litigating and resolving disputes from those agreements, we’ve carefully prepared a range of documents that you can buy that are easy to adapt for your purposes and act as a starting point to protect you and your business.

Our Company Docs Packages covers a comprehensive suite of documentation that can act as a starting point to protect you and your business, including Shareholders’ Agreements, Terms and Conditions, and Non-Disclosure Agreements.

We have seen first-hand the issues that can arise within a seemingly friendly business and cannot stress enough the importance of investing early in a company’s core framework before it is too late.

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Founder's Pack

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The must-have Pack for all entrepreneurs going into business, including a Shareholders' Agreement precedent to help clarify all founders' expectations from day one; also a set of Terms & Conditions (tailored for whether you're selling goods or providing services) to ensure clarity with your customers; and a Non-Disclosure Agreement to enable those much-needed exploratory conversations with potentially interested suppliers and customers.

£1,800 Enquire
Buy documents individually
1. Precedent Shareholders’ Agreement
£1,000 Enquire
2. Terms & Conditions – Sale of Goods
£1,000 Enquire
3. Terms & Conditions – Supply of Services
£1,000 Enquire
4. Non-Disclosure Agreement
£300 Enquire

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