Conservative Plans for Employment Law

New government, new ministerial appointments; those most relevant to the world of employment law include Sajid Javid as Secretary of State for Business, Innovation and Skills, and Priti Patel MP as Employment Minister. More interesting, are the government’s plans for employment law.

Whether or not the Conservatives will hold true to their word remains to be seem; their pledges on employment law are, as follows:

  • The banning of exclusivity in zero hour contracts.
  • Introducing a British Bill of Rights to replace the Human Rights Act 1998 with the aim of breaking the formal link between British courts and the European Court of Human Rights; already a controversial issue.
  • Significant changes to strike laws, including the introduction of a minimum turnout requirement for strike ballots in essential services, a requirement that strike action cannot be called on the basis of historical ballots and allowing the use of agency workers to cover striking employees.
  • Creating an extra three million apprenticeships over the next five years.
    Increasing the entitlement to free childcare to 30 hours for all children of working parents aged three and four years old.
  • Introducing stricter labour market regulation to tackle illegal working and exploitation and use data from multiple agencies to identify businesses that employ illegal workers.
  • On the equality front: halving the disability employment gap and; promoting gender equality by requiring companies with more than 250 employees to publish the difference between the average pay of their male and female employees.

The how and the why on much of the above has yet to be determined; watch this space!

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