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Pro-actively ensuring best practice for our Commercial ClientsWorking tirelessly to support our Commercial Clients across every aspect of their Businesses

  • Share issues and investments
  • Shareholders’ agreements
  • Appointing or removing Directors or Partners
  • Terms & Conditions
  • Commercial agreements & supply agreements
  • Employment contracts & Director service agreements
  • Company & business sales

Once a business is established, it must be properly managed in order to avoid incurring director criticism or, in the shorter term, any liability to third parties (including shareholder claims).

There are many ways in which we support our commercial clients and the individuals behind those clients. We can advise not only on a company’s compliance with the relevant legal requirements (notably the Companies Act 2006), but also on implementing best practice in the operation of a company across all necessary agreements, contracts and terms, as well as processes around making decisions, passing resolutions, buying and selling businesses and issuing shares.

Howat Avraam Solicitors’ proposition to effectively be our in-house legal team was precisely what we needed as a start-up company. From Company registration to a Shareholders’ Agreement, Company Secretarial duties, advice on Board structure, commercial contracts from office leases to aircraft acquisition and, remarkably, Directors’ and Staff employment contracts, all under one roof! They are totally professional and easy to deal with and I believe that this is the future of legal support. I cannot recommend them highly enough.

Managing Director – Start-Up Airline, FLYPOP

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log off icon Examples of our work
Start-Up Support
We ensure that you have the right structure and legal framework from the outset. Please see our “Start Ups” page for further details on setting up a new business or contact us directly...more

 to discuss your situation.

Shareholders’ Agreements
A bespoke Shareholders’ Agreement ensures a clear contractual framework between the directors and shareholders to ensure common intentions and a strategy in case...more

 these intentions start to differ. Having invested so much time and money into a business, there is simply no benefit to leaving matters to chance and a bespoke Shareholders’ Agreement will comprehensively deal with issues such as managing disagreement, 50:50 deadlock, decision making powers, restrictions on share transfers, funding, company sale issues and exit strategies.

A good business idea and a profitable business can stand for nothing if the internal relationships between the directors and shareholders break down. When this happens, mistrust and disputes often start to surface, which, if not dealt with quickly, can cause huge harm to ongoing trade and a company’s value.

Investment and Share Issue
Whether to raise funds internally or to introduce a new investor into a business we advise not only on the process to be followed but, more importantly, on the decision itse...more

lf as (amongst other things) the issuing of new shares can have the effect of diluting existing shareholdings, which can lead to claims of shareholder prejudice. Care must be taken as to the process and the underlying arrangement of any share issue or investment opportunity.

Decision-making & Resolutions
Limited Companies principally make decisions either at board level (by directors) or at general meeting (by shareholders), depending on the nature of the decision being ma...more

de. These meetings must be minuted and any decisions made (generally referred to as “Resolutions”) must be formally recorded. Failure to do so is a breach of the Companies Act 2006.


Limited Liability Partnerships operate by reference to both the Limited Liability Partnerships Act 2000 as well as any Partnership Agreement in place. As with Limited Companies, strict compliance is required in order to avoid dispute or disruption to the business.

Commercial Contracts
We draft our clients’ Commercial Contracts and advise clients on Contracts that they’re asked to sign with other commercial parties. Our clients need not take avoidable...more

 and potentially costly risks in the course of business by signing up to onerous terms which, with our expert guidance, could be amended or avoided completely.

Company Sale & Purchase
We advise on tactics and procedure when selling to a competitor, merging with another company or transferring ownership to a third party. It is fundamental that the legal owne...more

rship of an asset or company is in fact transferred as intended and that incorrect assumptions are not allowed to exist, which might later resurface to disrupt a sale or cause a party to withdraw from the sale process completely, whether or not money has already changed hands.

Terms & Conditions
We draft and advise clients on their Terms & Conditions to ensure a clear legal entitlement to either payment or appropriate remedy for non-performance. We also work alon...more

gside our commercial clients in establishing best practice to ensure that their Terms & Conditions bind to their contracts and take precedence over those of the other contracting party.

Employee & Director Contracts
A thoughtfully drafted employment contract or directors’ service agreement provides much needed protection for a company by ensuring clarity on each party’s rights and...more

obligations. They can also impose the necessary restrictions during and post-employment in order to safeguard the business.


These restrictions include enhanced notice periods to allow for a suitable replacement as well as the restrictive covenants required to protect a company’s competitive edge, including its client relationships, supplier details and all confidential information.


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Our values place commercial decisions at the fore. Our clients appreciate us giving straight answers and solutions for their business.

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