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Director & Shareholder Dispute SpecialistsHelping Directors & Shareholders resolve disputes and maximise the value of their Business

  • Management Disagreements
  • Breach of a Shareholders’ Agreement
  • Minority Shareholder Claims
  • Excessive Director remuneration
  • Director Conflict of Interest
  • Unfair Prejudice claims
  • Minority Shareholder Protection

Internal disputes can easily destroy an otherwise profitable business and specialist advice is needed to sensitively but robustly resolve any dispute in order to protect the value of the business that you’ve worked so hard to create.

From experience, no party benefits from allowing issues to develop and decisive action is needed at the earliest available opportunity.

Our expertise in dealing with director and shareholder conflicts will ensure a thorough and speedy resolution of your issues across the spectrum of any conflict, claims or misunderstandings.

“From the first minute of the first meeting I had with Matthew I knew I was in good hands. His steadfast support and unrivalled expertise was above and beyond anything I had experienced in working with other firms. The attention to detail and professionalism I was shown afforded me an invaluable confidence that I was lacking before I had approached them. Working with HAS Solicitor’s turned a stressful situation into an enjoyable process which led to an ideal result. Mat and Niki were an absolute pleasure to work with and their first class service has gained them a client for life.”

Sam – Director of Vapour Evolution

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Director Considerations & Advice
We advise companies and their directors on their respective rights and obligations. We work closely with our client companies to ensure not only compliance but best practice...more

 so that our clients can trade profitably and without fear of unintended misconduct.

Derivative Claims
Derivative claims entitle shareholders to force a company to take action where its directors wrongly refuse to do so. This right provides a minority shareholder with greater rights...more

against director or majority shareholder misconduct within a company.  Minority shareholder unfair prejudice is becoming extremely common – derivative claims are an extremely valuable means of redressing any unfair prejudice (alongside an Unfair Prejudice Petition, as appropriate).

Disputed Director Dismissals
We advise directors on reversing their improper removal from office, often following breach of due process by the company’s remaining directors. The law is extremely clear as to the...more

 process that must be followed in order for a director’s dismissal to be binding. Failure to comply or an abuse of this process enables a director to contest his/her removal and force a review of the company’s actions taken whilst the director was out of office.

50:50 Deadlock Situations
Disagreement within a company with an equal number of directors and/or shareholders can paralyse a company and, if not handled quickly and effectively, can destroy a compa...more

ny. As company specialists, we assist our clients in avoiding or recovering from deadlock to enable the company to retain its value and continue to trade.

Minority Shareholder Claims
We provide minority shareholders with a voice against an abusive majority. Minority shareholder rights are increasingly being recognised by the Courts who are clamping down...more

on misconduct by both directors and/or majority shareholders, especially where minority shareholder unfair prejudice is caused in the process.  Issuing an Unfair Prejudice Claim through an Unfair Prejudice Petition is just one of the ways in which minority shareholders can redress the balance.

Unfair Prejudice Petitions
Unfair Prejudice Petitions protect minority shareholders from any loss caused to shareholders by the wrongdoing of a company’s directors or shareholders (e.g. failure to...more

 pay dividends, excessive remuneration or exclusion from management). Whilst a majority shareholder will often have the power to correct a wrongdoing caused within a company, minority shareholders are growing in prominence and are (quite correctly) holding a company’s directors and shareholders to account for their conduct. An Unfair Prejudice Claim (aka Unfair Prejudice Petition) remains the most valuable tool in resolving minority shareholder unfair prejudice.

Director Misconduct
Company directors are accountable to both the company and its shareholders, whether a majority or minority. We advise in situations of director misconduct and assist...more

 directors and shareholders in either reversing any misconduct or recovering any loss suffered as a result.  Where that loss or unfair prejudice is specifically caused to a minority shareholder, we’ve experience in issuing an Unfair Prejudice Claim (through an Unfair Prejudice Petition) to repair any minority shareholder loss suffered.

Shareholder Rights & Advice
Shareholders often misunderstand their entitlements within a company. We advise shareholders on what to expect from their shareholding and their options if they don't receive...more

 their full entitlements.

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Kirsty M

Niki Avraam is a superb employment lawyer and has given us very good advice over the years. As a firm they are astute, commercially aware people who demonstrate care and professionalism in all that they do.

Posted 1 year ago


I am very pleased with the service from Howat Avrraam Solicitors. Frezyderm UK

Posted 1 year ago

Sally S

Niki was a wonderful support at a time I really needed expert legal advice. She ensured a fair outcome and was always available for discussions about my case. I can't recommend Niki highly enough.

Posted 1 year ago

Chris A

I needed urgent legal support on an employment settlement aggreement and their swift response and concise professional opinion and recomendation really took the pressure off.

Posted 1 year ago

Graham H

Howat Avraam Solicitors’ proposition to effectively be our in-house legal team was precisely what we needed as a start-up company. From Company registration to a Shareholders’ Agreement, Company Secretarial duties, advice on Board structure, commercial contracts from office leases to aircraft acquisition and, remarkably, Directors’ and Staff employment contracts, all under one roof! They are totally professional and easy to deal with and I believe that this is the future of legal support. I cannot recommend them highly enough.

Posted 1 year ago

Steve A

Selling the company that I founded 20 years ago was a stressful experience but Matthew, Niki and their team couldn’t have done more to ease the process. Their personal and no-nonsense approach demystified the legal process and got the job done with minimal fuss.

Posted 1 year ago

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