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Helping entrepreneurs start as they mean to go onTailor-made advice advice for Start-Ups to ensure a professional structure and legal framework to avoid the avoidable distraction of disputes

  • Choice of business entity
  • Contract drafting & Terms of business
  • Employment & HR Support
  • Advice on clear internal structures
  • Drafting your Shareholders’ Agreement
  • Professional referrals to ease your way

We represent Start-Ups across a range of sectors. We also represent established businesses, so have first hand experience of just what can go wrong when a new business fails to give thought to and put in place proper processes and arrangements.

Our focus is upon looking ahead and spotting any avoidable issues and putting in place measures to prevent them occurring, which frees you up to develop your business without the disruption of a dispute or non-payment.

We have experience in the range of issues that new business face and are proud to support our entrepreneurs in getting on the right footing for a successful future.

Howat Avraam Solicitors’ proposition to effectively be our in-house legal team was precisely what we needed as a start-up company. From Company registration to a Shareholders’ Agreement, Company Secretarial duties, advice on Board structure, commercial contracts from office leases to aircraft acquisition and, remarkably, Directors’ and Staff employment contracts, all under one roof! They are totally professional and easy to deal with and I believe that this is the future of legal support. I cannot recommend them highly enough.

Managing Director – Start-Up Airline, FLYPOP

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log off icon Examples of our work
Choice of business entity
Is your business a sole trader “trading as” a company or a separate legal entity such as a Limited Company or LLP? Adopting the right entity has significant consequences on not...more

only the day to day operation of a business and its tax and accounting obligations but also the nature and extent of your personal liability for the business’ debts and liabilities.

Setting clear internal structures
Do all parties know their place within the business hierarchy and are sufficient decision making processes in place to avoid disputes? We can provide the practical advice nee...more

ded on the increasingly complex issue of corporate governance, including advice to Directors, Shareholders and Investors on their respective rights and obligations within the business.

A firm understanding of these and many other commercial issues will enable you to focus on generating profit in a clear and dispute-free environment

Creating a Shareholder agreement
We cannot stress enough the importance of investing in a Shareholders’ Agreement to regulate issues such as time and financial investment of the parties, decisi...more

on-making processes, exit strategies, pre-emption rights and “deadlock” provisions to avoid a stalemate situation, amongst many more important issues that are best agreed up front and before cracks start to appear.

We can offer fixed fee and fully bespoke Shareholders’ Agreements, which draw on years of experience of the issues and disputes suffered by businesses that fail to take the necessary precautions. Our Shareholders’ Agreements are designed to touch every aspect of your business and ensure a healthy level of dialogue between all parties from the outset to avoid surprises down the line.

Being an employer
A good workforce is key to the success of any business. It is therefore vital that employers are equipped with the right tools to handle employment issues and avoid the potential pitfalls that c...more

an lead to costly employment disputes and dissatisfied personnel. In short, if employers want their businesses and employees to get off to a good start, they must be prepared.
We can provide the practical advice and guidance required to avoid the legal pitfalls and risks that employers can face during the employment life cycle. We take on the worry of employing new members of staff and point employers in the right direction so that their business can hit the ground running. Our expertise can be called upon for the following:

  • Advice and documents for the recruitment process from carrying out interviews to making an offer of employment
  • Employment Contracts and Service Agreements
  • Employment and HR policies, procedures and forms
  • Guidance on the retention of employment records
  • Ongoing HR support.

You can also refer to our Employer page for further details.

Contracts & Terms of Business
The importance of establishing an entitlement to be paid for the goods or services that you provide is obvious but is often overlooked by parties eager to start “doing business” with custo...more

mers or clients. A clear and sensitively drafted set of contractual documentation ensures both clarity as to the expectations of all parties (which in itself can avoid disputes) but, more importantly, guarantees an entitlement to payment.

In addition to drafting the contractual documentation itself, we regularly advise clients on their internal processes to ensure the relevance of their contractual documentation as there is little point in having a robust set of terms of business if they are found not to apply. Understanding how to ensure that your terms of business bind your customers and clients will prevent subsequent costly dispute and guarantee a fundamental entitlement to payment.


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Business focused

Our values place commercial decisions at the fore. Our clients appreciate us giving straight answers and solutions for their business.

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