Further Restrictions on Overseas Recruitment?

The government is proposing to ban recruitment agencies from recruiting work-seekers solely from overseas EEA countries without advertising the relevant vacancies to domestic work seekers. This follows on swiftly from the requirement brought into force in January 2015, which prevents recruitment agencies from advertising British vacancies solely in overseas EEA countries, unless certain conditions apply.

The impact of this change? This will compel recruitment agencies to advertise in Great Britain each time they are engaging in recruitment activity overseas, with a view to filling the vacancy from work-seekers living in Great Britain. They would no longer be permitted to fill such vacancies using work-seekers already on their books.

Further, undoubtedly welcome proposed changes include the deregulation of the over-cumbersome and over-complicated Conduct of Employment Agencies and Employment Businesses Regulations 2003 (SI 2003/3319). These are likely to include removing the requirement on recruitment agencies to: agree terms with hirers and; ensure that advertisements for vacancies contain certain specified information.

The government’s response to the consultation on the proposed changes is due in by 15 February 2015. Watch this space.

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