Impact of EU Referendum on Employment Law

Whatever the Conservative party’s true intention behind the proposed referendum on the UK’s membership of the EU, the recent Greek tragedy in particular may well mean that the UK’s departure from the EU is an impending reality. It is therefore more important than ever that the potential impact of this on UK employment law is given some serious consideration given that so much of it is EU lead. Would a Brexit really result in the UK being entirely free to reach its own conclusions on what is best for business and employees alike when deciding on how best to legislate working life? Well … probably not.

In the event of a Brexit, it is likely that the UK would still opt to be a member of the EEA or enter into bilateral agreements with the EU in order to take advantage of the favourable trading arrangements. After all, Norway and Switzerland along with others, are required to actively implement many EU laws affecting employment arrangements including working time and business transfers because of such memberships.

The UK leaving the EU would have radical implications in many ways but perhaps not so much in relation to EU driven employment law.

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