Labour’s Plan to Abolish Tribunal Fees System

“Decent minimum standards are good for business”, says Ian Murray, Shadow Minister for Trade and Investment. He claims that the Government has weakened employment rights and promoted a hire-and-fire culture, making the landscape worse rather than better for both employers and employees.

The Labour party has pledged to unlock the door to justice and address insecurity and unfairness in the workplace by abolishing the employment tribunal fees system. Tribunal fees are not deemed by the reds as an effective way of weeding out hopeless cases or those “trying it on” as the fees exemption system takes no account of the merits of the case.

The first full year of fee charging has undoubtedly seen a stark drop in employment tribunal claims not to mention a reduction of 55% in applications to the Employment Appeal Tribunal in England.

Labour has expressed it dissatisfaction with the system of the past labour where the process was so slow that meaningful justice was not available. What is not clear, is how Labour will reform the employment tribunal system in order to accommodate this change.

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