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The court of Appeal has recently found that, when insuring let residential property, a landlord was not acting as a consumer.

Despite the fact that the policy was designed for let property, the insured claimed that it was a temporary let and that he had entered into the policy for the private purpose of protecting his home against risks such as fire, which was not a business purpose.

The court’s conclusion was based on the principles under the Unfair Terms in Consumer Contracts Regulations 1999 (SI 1999/2083) which note that where a contract is entered into for mixed purposes, it can only be a consumer contract if the business purpose is “negligible or insignificant”.  In this case, the insurance application itself made it clear that this was for a residential property; the purpose of the insurance was therefore related to the insured’s trade, business or profession of property letting.

Matthew Howat, Commercial Partner, comments: It would be a challenge for the insured in this case to demonstrate that the business purposes were “negligible or insignificant” if the policy was taken out for both private and business purposes (that is, for the business of owning buy-to-let property). Landlords should be clear on the main purpose for taking out insurance from the outset.


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