Think carefully before you pick up the phone

A decision in the First-tier Tribunal (General Regulatory Chamber: Information Rights) Provides a reminder to business businesses That They are legally Obliged to check the Telephone Preference Service (TPS) before calling Individuals, Their without consent, for direct marketing purposes.

The court upheld a monetary penalty notice for £ 50,000 for failure to Comply with the rules on unsolicited direct marketing calls. The Information Commissioner (ICO) relied on 524 unsolicited marketing calls, many of These Were Made to Individuals Who Had Their telephone number registered With The TPS.

Businesses That carry out direct marketing Campaigns Should keep records of consumer consents and suppression lists. This decision Demonstrates That the ICO will be reliable STI to cast wider net than to just the number, content and tenor of the calls and can Broader Consider a course of conduct, treats Including business practices. Should Businesses, THEREFORE, take seriously the need to keep up-to-date and accurate records, evidence of staff training and overall compliance in relation to direct marketing, in case of a complaint or an ICO investigation.

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