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We want to be supportive on all aspects of your business. That’s why we provide a suite of tools, such as our complementary legal healthcheck, to advise on potential legal issues. Our Guides and Template documents are to help you get started, so you can get on with the business of running your business.

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Company Commercial

Company Structure
  • PreviewThe Importance of Investing in a Bespoke Shareholders’ Agreement
  • PreviewLegal Guide to Termination of a Company or Joint Venture
Considerations when Buying or Selling a Business
  • PreviewConsiderations when Buying or Selling a Business
Personal Guarantees
  • Preview5 things you need to know about Personal Guarantees

Director Disqualification

Director Advice
  • PreviewLegal Guide to Directors’ Duties and Responsibilities
  • PreviewLegal Guide to Termination of a Directors Appointment
  • PreviewThe effects of a Director Disqualification Order or Undertaking
Obtaining Permission to Act as Director despite Disqualification
  • PreviewLegal Guide to Applications for Permission to Act as Director
Pre-Issue and General Director Disqualification Advice
  • PreviewCommon Questions about Director Disqualification
  • PreviewResponding to Director Disqualification Enquiries by the Secretary of State

Dispute Resolution

Enforcing a Judgment
  • PreviewLegal Guide to Recovering a Trade Debt
  • PreviewGuide to Enforcement of a Money Judgment
Terminating contracts
  • PreviewTerminating Contracts – Look Before You Leap…


Employee References
  • PreviewProviding a Reference: Employers’ Questions Answered
Employee Share Schemes
  • PreviewEmployee share schemes: the Basics
Flexible Working
  • PreviewHow to deal with Employee Requests for Flexible Working
Maternity To Do List
  • PreviewBefore and After Maternity Leave
  • PreviewThe Importance of Complying with Auto-enrolment
  • PreviewPensions Auto-enrolment: How to avoid Employment Law Claims
  • PreviewKey Issues to Consider when Hiring an Employee
  • PreviewRedundancy Alternative Employment
  • PreviewRedundancy Checklist
Restrictive Covenants
  • PreviewRestrictive Covenants: The Need to Know Basics
Shared Parental Leave
  • PreviewShared Parental Leave – Questions Answered
Social Media
  • PreviewSOCIAL MEDIA: Managing the Unmanageable in the Workplace?
TUPE Transfers
  • PreviewTUPE Transfers: The Basics

Intellectual Property

Protecting Your Company Name
  • PreviewProtecting Your Company Name
The Importance of Intellectual Property: The Need to Know Basics
  • PreviewThe Importance of Intellectual Property: The Need to Know Basics

Shareholder and Director Disputes

Minority and general Shareholder Advice
  • PreviewTable of Shareholder Rights
  • PreviewLegal Guide to Minority Shareholder Rights & Remedies
Shareholder Derivative Claims
  • PreviewLegal Guide to Derivative Claims
Shareholder Unfair Prejudice Petitions
  • PreviewUnfair Prejudice Petitions – Shareholder Rights and Remedies
  • PreviewExamples of Unfairly Prejudicial Conduct

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